You are gone forever

A Sunday in January long years ago

You quietly came and sat beside me
Passing several benches
In my Sunday school class

A tide long hair with a proud smile
Anxious face due to the curious mind
Sharp tongue and the brightening eye
Caused for bonding two perpetual friends

Even you were a short-tempered girl
Very easily getting angry with all
But your heart was filled with full of love
Which you never knew how to reveal

We grew together as best friends forever
Even our life paths were totally dissimilar
We shared every happiness and sadness
Whenever we had the time and occasions

I couldn’t show my tears and grief
When you were suffering from full of pain
You held my hand and begging for relief
In my heart, those days still remain

Everybody said you are no more
Should I believe or not believe
I only saw a sealed brown coffin
With your name pasted on it

My heart never believes that
Never thought of it, but
You are gone and gone forever
Without saying goodbye to me

Iroshini (2017 March)