It lives with you always
In your heart and in your soul
Regularly it is contiguous
If your world is so small
For matching life with others
Need to quench your desires
Attaining complexity is plausible
Diminishing it is inevitable
When the beautiful world of yours
Getting gradually bigger and bigger
Acquiring more impressive resources

Has abandoned it preventing get closer

Iroshini /July 2018

සිරවූ කවි සිතුවිලි

පොතක පතක පිටු අතරින්

පෑන් තුඩක් නිදහසේට

සිත තුළ ඉතිරුණු සිතිවිළි

සොරා ගත්තා එක කාලෙක

පෑන් තුඩට උකහා ගත්

ඒ සිතිවිළි එකින් එකට

තාලයකට කලාවකට

පිටු අතරේ කුරුමිණිකුරු සිතුවම් කෙරුණා

සංකීර්ණ වූ ජීවිතයක

සිතිවිළි එහෙ මෙහෙ විසිරී

පෑන් තුඩත් පොත් අතරෙහි

තනිවීලා සුසුම් හෙළන්නේ

ඉරෝෂිණී (July 2016)

The Precious Gift

Eleven years ago, I was at the theatre
You were still in my womb
It was opened and doctors were surround
I could only feel but not be seen
The doctor, a nice lady who chat with me
To deprive me of falling asleep with tiredness
Telling me stories about what is going on
Other side of the barrier which I can’t see
She whispered with her loving voice
That I am getting a nice baby girl
The sweetest words I ever heard
Brought a smile fading the tiredness
It has been exactly eleven years from today
Saw the little face covered with a blue blanket
Lot of hair grown long enough to touch the neck
The most precious gift which I ever got in my life

Iroshini/ 18 July 2018

නූපන් පුතුට

නොසිතූ විලස
මා කුසට පැමිණ
නොකියාම යන්නටද
සැලසුම ……..
නැතිද රැඳෙන්නට
මඳක් හෝ ඉස්පාසුවක්
අපගේ සෙනෙහස

pic: http://www.thinkstockphotos.com/image/stock-illustration-one-fetus-in-utero/162430997